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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Chris R. Reinhardt, CIC
ADR Workers' Compensation Program Administrator
1-800-UnionADR or (800) 864-6623
Outside CA, Call: (909) 234-7290

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  • Operating Engineers Trust Fund
  • Michael De Chellis, Fund Manager
  • Operative Plasters’ Local 200
  • David Casey, Business Manager
  • Cement Masons Local 500
  • Jack Alvarado, Business Manager
  • Cement Masons Local 600
  • Ricardo Gonzalez, Business Manager

ADR Program Overview for Members & Employees

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ADR Workers' Compensation Program eliminates delays… eliminates complications, and leads to resolutions.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) expedites the resolution of disputed claims by replacing the jurisdiction of the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board with a highly streamlined process. With ADR, all disputed claims are subject to a 3-step process:

  • Ombudsman
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration

Collectively Bargained Workers' Compensation (CBWC) delivers significant benefits to all parties involved.

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Good news –

  • Reduce Workers' Compensation premiums
  • Group and ADR premium credits
  • Control and reduce claims costs through proven means
  • Prevent or mitigate expensive and time-consuming litigation
  • Helps lower experience modification factors
  • Specialized safety programs

For accounts with annual premiums above $250,000 – stand-alone carrier agreements are negotiable. Current participating carriers are Alaska National, American Contractors Insurance Group (ACIG), BITCO Insurance Companies, Chubb, CNA Insurance, Liberty Mutual, Old Republic Insurance Group, and Starr Insurance.

ADR Workers' Compensation is provided by these endorsed group program carriers:

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Good news –

CBWC is a process designed to make the California Workers' Compensation system simpler and easier for employees involved in a work-related injury. The goals of the program were created with the injured worker in mind:


  • To provide access to high-quality medical treatment delivered through a network of qualified medical providers.
  • To promptly provide the benefits to which you are entitled once your claim has been approved – on time and without hassles or litigation.
  • To help facilitate a prompt, healthy return to work.
  • To provide an effective means for problem resolution should any questions or concerns arise about your claim.

The Principals of UnionADR, LLC Have Over 100 Years of Experience Representing Commercial Clients

To discuss your insurance program and secure a customized insurance quotation, please contact:

UnionADR, LLC Insurance Services
CA License: 0K21323

(800) 864-6623 California only

(909) 234-7290 Chris R. Reinhardt, CIC
(714) 457-1338 George Khozam
(562) 650-6168 George Kent

UnionADR, LLC has been involved with ADR Workers' Compensation Programs for Unionized Construction Trades since 1996 when ADR Programs were first authorized under Labor Code 3201.5.

UnionADR, LLC has strong relationships with the ADR participating insurance carriers and has a unique understanding of the Unionized Construction Trades, assuring competitive insurance quotes tailored to our client's needs.

We are well versed in all aspects of the ADR Workers' Compensation process and have a thorough understanding of the Unionized Construction Trades, which enables UnionADR, LLC to secure competitive insurance quotes tailored to your specific coverage requirements.

Are You Using the Adr Advantage?

Alternative Dispute Resolution, a "carve out" of the statutory workers' comp system, delivers w/c benefits to unionized employees in a streamlined fashion. By replacing the WCAB's normal statutory system with an Ombudsperson, Mediators, and Arbitrators, ADR is less adversarial and allows claims to move through the system more expeditiously and economically: a "win-win" for everyone! Learn how you can benefit from the ADR Advantage.

Learn how the ADR process benefits both labor and management. Gain a better understanding from legal experts Jeannine M. Lewis, WCCLA, SIP, and Michael D. Peabody, Esq., Bradford & Barthel LLP – Chris R. Reinhardt, CIC, ADR Program Administrator.

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